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"Please be careful with me. Sometimes I just get sad and I don’t know why. I’m sorry."
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So true

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If only I could find someone to give me a chance
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Saw this posted on the entrance at the Melbourne Aquarium…
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side note about that kalia/makani/orkid video:

kalia looks really small. look at her compared to orkid; she looks like she could be orkid’s calf. i mean jesus she looks hardly bigger than makani.

the more i look at her, the more nervous i get about her giving birth to a healthy calf

That’s my concern as well. Her age is an issue, but I think her size could be a bigger threat.

What video???

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This animal is a highly intelligent, emotional creature that lives in tightly knit groups, has amazing organization with others of its kind and possesses an enormous capacity for learning and performing complex tasks.
We gon put that shit in a fishtank.
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Does anybody else find it painfully ironic that the main purpose of SeaWorld’s rising floors is to improve safety using the logic that if they lift the whales out of the water, they can retrieve the person the whale is attacking, and yet when they lifted Kalia out of the water and tried to…

Yeah, I can’t imagine that lifting floors would be all that effective in an attack. I suppose in such an event, they’d be willing to use more force to retrieve a trainer than a rope. Pry the whale’s mouth open? Personally I’ve always wondered if SeaWorld would ever be prepared to use deadly force as a last resort.

They now lost their excuses for the trainers death though. They always just listed the death as a drowning saying the trainer drowned before the whale was able to kill them. Now with these floors there is no way they can say she drowned before the whale inflicted any lethal harm apart from the drowning.

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"whales at seaworld get restaurant-quality fish!"


"they’re not forced to perform tricks."


"if you’re against keeping whales in captivity, then you have to be against having pets too!"


"seaworld rescues thousands of animals per year, you know"


"keiko’s release was a failure"


"you just watched blackfish and decided to believe everything it said"


When pro caps say bullshit like oh you must feel the same about having a fucking hamster fish or a dog. It’s completely fucking different no relation what’s so ever and there is no argument In that idiotic ignorant dumbass statement what’s so ever.

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Today is the 21st of August, twenty-four years since Kandu V’s death.
According to the photographer, this shot was taken three days before she was killed, the result of escalating aggression between her and Corky II, something that SeaWorld was either ignorant of or indifferent to and kept the animals together despite the fact Kandu was not getting along with the older whale. Kandu who, at one point, left Corky injured and bleeding after opening a gash in her lower abdomen.
In the wild both whales, of different bloodlines and geographical regions, would not have crossed paths. In the wild they would not have been restricted to a small space, and instead would have had room to keep a safe distance from any individual that they didn’t like.
I don’t care if this happened a long time ago. I’m not forgetting her.
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